Providing Sustainable Healthcare Solutions to
Impoverished Communities in Developing Countries.

Rebalance the Globe was founded in 2006. A mobile healthcare project improving the health and wellbeing of communities, creating hope for families who are caught in the poverty cycle. By improving health and alleviating suffering we enable men to return to the workforce and provide an income to support their families. We enable children to attend school and obtain an education and empower the family unit to work together to create a better life for the future.

Each mobile healthcare bus travels to rural communities on a rotating schedule every two weeks. Each fully equipped healthcare bus travels directly to the villages providing health services to the weak and ill who are unable to travel or afford healthcare.

We also focus on preventative healthcare in villages by

  • Delivering arsenic removal water filters directly to villages
  • By providing a health educator who provides basic healthcare, first aid and wound dressing to each village
  • Providing monthly visits to each school in the area, providing healthcare to 2,000 school children
  • Distributing healthcare leaflets on basic health and hygiene